Why Does Your Product Need Custom Packaging Box?

Here at JIAWEI WORLD , we believe in quality bespoke packaging with a personalized touch. Let us help to personalize and custom your company packaging box to fit your brand specific needs. Our team is ready to help make your brand custom cardboard boxes concept from thoughts to reality. Every successful business or brand is built on the very foundation of its outlook. Some businesses reinforce the phenomenon by uplifting the sales of their products through careful and considerate packaging. With Jiawei World, aim to provide eco friendly cardboard product packaging boxes that are not void of Luxury designs.

Our profesional design team, topped with archetypal customer support, and other perks, amount for an elevating packaging experience. We also provide add-ons such as Spot UV, die-cutting, embossing, and debossing, etc. We take into account the containers and sustainable packaging, and then through a waterfall process, all the requirements are taken into consideration until the final end packaging is achieved.We tailor-make products that fit best to the business requirements of companies. Be it die-cut, PVC sheets, inserts, locks, and hooks, we can bring your idea to reality with the support of our design team. We craft custom paperboard boxes in all shapes, sizes, and dimensions to let you get the gist of an enthralling packaging by true means.
Eco Friendly Paperboard Packaging Materials
With Custom Product Packaging no minimum from Jiawei World, you can bid farewell to vague and uninteresting designs. Our usage of materials is highly dependent on customer satisfaction. To protect your packaging boxes from wear and tear during transport, disturbance on the retail shelf, and utmost security during transit, we choose the right kind of biodegradable packaging materials.
Be it corrugated, cardstock, linen, rigid, cardboard, or eco-friendly Kraft. We employ tactics that will guarantee you one of the top positions in the market. Our highly competitive design team and strategists know what it takes to bring out the best in a box.Different materials serve different purposes, such as recyclable packaging is deployed for people who work in nothing but the favor of green earth. Since the Kraft paperboard is already recycled, you can dispose it off to a certain location and expect no harm-to-nature in return.
However, on the other hand, bespoke packaging boxes that are made with fine quality of rigid material preserves a luxurious touch. Moreover, to assert more rigidness and quality into your materials, we provide corrugated (in different flute sizes) to maintain the composure of the product inside.Once you have chosen your material, you can now opt for add-ons such as Spot UV, embossing, debossing, and foiling, etc. to enhance the vibrancy in its looks. Coatings such as matte, gloss, and satin either give a shimmery surface and light to your custom box design through gloss coating or provide a non-shiny surface if you opt for matte coating.
Immaculate Color Combinations
We are careful while selecting the colors for your packaging boxes; hence we go for the CMYK and different coloring standards to make sure we are bringing life to your custom retail packaging. What we dislike is a packaging design that possesses a frail material, disoriented designs, and a lack of immaculate color combinations.With this purpose, our design team takes careful steps to eradicate the issues at hand and provide one of the best color combinations known to a business. CMYK, with a color combination with or without elite colors such as metallic gold and other fancy dyes, bring a scintillating design at your competitor’s peril. At Jiawei World, the world is your canvas, and we are its painters.
Free Sampling for Custom Boxes with Logo
As if the previous perks were not enough, Jiawei World is providing state-of-the-art printing mechanisms to give a boost to your business with global express delivery all over the world.Are you in need of the custom product packaging boxes? Do not worry. With just a single click on our site, we will provide you the right sample from a decent packaging company. No matter where you are residing in the world, all you need to do is contact us, and we deliver the packaging box at your doorstep.
Wholesale Rates for Custom Boxes
Our custom boxes wholesale rates go far beyond your level of expectation. With a market-competitive pricing structure and state-of-the-art printing designs, we let you experience an all-in-one regarded packaging experience.
Excellent Customer Support
What separates us from other packaging companies is our ability to provide excellent customer satisfaction to our clients. Since taking care of our customers is our first priority, we make sure that everything that flows to the end-user is in a perfect state.Jiawei World aim for nothing but excellence in all departments of product packaging. You must be asking yourself, why Jiawei World? We have been elevating company packaging for many years, and with expertise up our sleeves, we have the tendency and capacity to make your brand visible.

Custom Packaging Box DESIGN PROCESS



We need practical info like the industry of your business ,initial packing design of your project ,the BOX TYPE like Cosmetic Boxes, Makeup Eyeshadow Pallets,Custom Gift Box, Wine Box,Watch Box, Jewelry Box ,Perfume Box or any corrugated box you want to customize ,and approximate quantity of boxes along with details about your brand and CONTACT US here .




Our Design Team will drawing your proofs after communication


The strategy is progressed into sketches and 2D illustrations



3D modelling after approving proofs to visualize the oroducts



The exact samples you will received,turn your thoughts to reality

Under our Design Center, we combine graphic design with 3D modelling in order to make your brand packaging production. We provide typesetting, copy-editing, markups, proof reading, page layout, screening, retouching, page assembly etc in order to ensure that your product is getting the right packaging. Our graphic design team is here to understand your company needs and produce the luxury and premium packaging design for your brand .We collaborate on design revisions until it’s perfect!








Once your company approved on the final packing design and submit the deposit .Our factory will start the bulk production.Before shipping the products,we perform quality control on each batch of the goods.We handle all aspects of shipping and delivery and the necessary protection will be performed to ensure that your company are receiving intact products during the transportation .Note: Minimum order is 500pcs and the lead time is around 30 days .



JIAWEI WORLD has made a commitment to utilize eco friendly packaging materials in all paperboard packaging box and we explores new and innovative materials designed to change the way consumers experience on product packaging .With an experienced development team ,JIAWEI WORLD has expanded the investment of new material development in Beauty ,Wine,Jewelry and Electronic industry ,working with over 2000 more luxury brand and retailers. All our packaging boxes is recyclable, made of sustainable packaging and ultra-sturdy cardboard, and delivered flat.


In a digital world, paper & ink stand out. Jiawei World delivers the highest quality printing for any project. We excel at custom printing effects, like die cuts, foil stamping and sophisticated art. The detail, care and effort we put into our printing has to be seen in person. You have to touch delicate embossing, see ink in different light and experience subtle finishing effects in person. Check the sample of our work and get inspired. Seeing is believing.Select our printing for your business ,Stand Out. Get Noticed.